*ToRi'S HoMePaGe*

Thursday, January 27, 2005

*ThIs WeEks PoLl*

How do you you chat with your friendz?

a.) talk on the phone
b.) chat on the computer
c.) send a letter in the mail


Hey again today was okay....except everysingle person in our class has a boy friend! Not every one but yeah ya no a lot of peeps! Anywayz its not that im ugly or anything but geese can one person ask me out.....I really like this one guy but i dont no if he likes me so yeah that a problem. Yeah so today wasnt the best day too many guys thinking that there all that, too many girls not getting over them selves it's so dumb, gosh i mean get over ur self ur not the best! Well i mean for once i want some girls in our class to be able to just be asked out ..... Well i dont feel like talking that much today so yeah ill talk to you later bye! lOvE tOrI.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Today was really fun.I hung out with my friend at school, it wasnt the best actually because all my best friends are fighting with one person and there all my friends so i cant pick to hang out with if i hang out with one person the other person gets really mad at me.One of my bff's is so awesome to everyone just she doesnt really like my other bff's right now, i dont really understand because we used to be so close but its her descision. But i love all of them so much i never want them to change. If i have to go to after school rec its not the best in computer class but i guess i have to deal with it. Me and friend marisa almost got in trouble today at rec, well not really because it was all taylor's fault so whatever to her. I love compuet class because Tony is so awesome, and nice. Well i could tell you about everything but ya no i cant so see ya later alligators~.

Love always, Tori